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Add or Change your Company Description in the Company Directory

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The Company Directory contains information about the products a company carries and the services it provides. Adding your company description allows users to find your company when they search the Company Directory. If you add your company to the Company Directory, a link to your company's information here is included with your contact information. Your contact information is included with your offerings or inquiries.

Your company's logo can be included. We will try to get it from your company website. Attach it to an email to John@lumberstocklists.com if one is not available on your website.

Company Contact Information must be completed before the other tabs will be functional.
  • Company Contact Information
    Company Contact Information
    Company Contact Information
  • Company Profile
  • Select the Species of Lumber your company Handles

  • End Products Sold
  • Services Available
  • Additional Information

  • Select up to 6 Pictures to include with your Company Description
    (Allowed File Extensions: . jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif).

  • Review your Company Information
    Press the link below to review how your Company's information is displayed in the Company Directory.

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