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Lumber Stocklists

About Lumber Stocklists



Lumber Stocklists is a search engine for lumber. Lumber Stocklists (LumberStocklists.com) aggregates the lumber stocklists of lumber companies in the United States and Canada. We combine their lumber offerings in their stocklists into a searchable virtual Inventory.

Lumber buyers can use this site like an alternative lumber inventory. When they need lumber that is not in their inventory, a buyer can quickly "Search the Multi-Supplier Inventory for Lumber " to see if they have the needed lumber available. Dimensional Lumber buyers search this Inventory by Company, Species, Size, Grade as well as radius from a Zip or Postal Code. Pressing the "Find Lumber" button will produce a listing of lumber that matches a buyer's criteria. The name of the supplier's company appears with each lumber item. Click on the company name will display the contact information for the lumber supplier. The next step is to call or email the supplier directly for additional information about the lumber, the supplier's company, pricing and delivery. The supplier and the buyer can contact, negotiate and close their deal directly.

Lumber suppliers can use this site to display their lumber available for sale. When they update their lumber stocklists on their website or for email distribution to their customers they can add Lumber Stocklists (John@lumberstocklists.com) to their distribution list. We will add their lumber to the Inventory. We have the "Add/Edit Your Lumber Offerings" section on this website where a supplier can add or make changes to his available lumber on the website. Lumber Stocklists provides additional exposure of their available lumber to lumber buyers. Lumber buyers are provided with the contact information of the supplier and can contact the supplier if they have an interest or a question. We can also send an email to the supplier on behalf of the buyer to initiate the conversation.

Should a lumber buyer not find specifically what they need in our Inventory, they can also have us send an Inquiry about the availability of lumber to Lumber suppliers. In order to receive an Inquiry, Suppliers need to "Register" and identify what lumber species they deal with under "Receive Inquiries". The buyer's contact information is included in the Inquiry so the supplier can respond to the buyer directly. The supplier's response does not go through Lumber Stocklists so, for privacy, the communications are between the supplier and the buyer only.

Buyers can also receive an email when lumber offerings are first added to the Inventory. Buyers need to "Register" and identify what lumber species they are interested in under "Receive Offerings". Much like the listings of lumber produced on site, the email will contain the description of the lumber and a link to the supplier's contact information.

We advertise the availability of lumber and provide sales leads to lumber suppliers. Lumber Stocklists has no role in any transactions between the lumber supplier and buyer.

Our Inventory contains Lumber where the lumber supplier has identified a specific quantity (Truckloads or Board Feet) of a specific Species of Lumber. All lumber described on the site is offered subject to prior sale. We try to include the most recent stocklists available in the Inventory and will remove lumber if it has been in Inventory over 45 days without an update from the supplier. We include lumber that is currently available for sale and physically located in the United States or Canada. The Inventory is not a catalog of the lumber a supplier might handle.


"Register" to provide us with your contact information. Registration is needed if you sign up to include your lumber in the Inventory, receive Inventory Alerts of new Offerings, Send Inquiries or Receive Inquiries. Registration is not required to use the searchable inventory to find lumber and see the contact information of the supplier so you can contact her directly. When you register you must use your company email address. Email addresses from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and the like are not accepted. Also Email addresses from countries other than United States or Canada are not accepted. In order to receive Inventory Alerts of new Offerings and Inquiries you first must sign up to receive these. You need to identify the Species of lumber that you are interested in and, optionally, a radius from city and state. After you Register got to "Sign Up to Receive Offerings for Lumber" and "Sign Up to Receive Inquiries for Lumber" to sign-up.

Email Alerts of New Offerings

A number of times a day we send an Email Alert. The Alert includes lumber when it is first added to the Inventory. Each Alert is tailored to the buyer's preferences. Before a buyer can receive Alerts she needs to specify the Species of lumber that you are interested in and, optionally, a radius from city and state. The Inventory Alert will only include the lumber that meets a buyer's criteria. The inventory alert includes a link to the contact information for the lumber in the Alert. After you Register got to "Sign Up to Receive Offerings for Lumber" to sign-up.


Buyers can prepare Inquiries that are emailed to suppliers. Suppliers receive Inquiries only for species they are interested in. The buyer's contact information is included in the Inquiry so the supplier can respond directly to the buyer. In order for a supplier to receive Inquiries, she needs to identify the Species of lumber that you are interested in and, optionally, a radius from city and state. After you Register got to "Sign Up to Receive Inquiries for Lumber" to sign-up.

Company Directory

We will have a Company Directory where buyers or suppliers can provide a description of their company, species handled, wood products sold, wood services provided and other information about their company. Registration is required.

Border Ad

We can provide suppliers a Border Ad that is a company logo that appears randomly on the borders of each page. The logo can be their company logo on their website or a 170px wide by 135px tall jpg's or gif's. The Border Ad will link to their Company's website or their Company's information in the Company Directory.


Lumber Stocklists is designed so that buyers and suppliers receive the necessary contact information so they can deal directly with each other. Lumber Stocklists respects the relationship between buyers and suppliers and the confidentiality of their transactions. We display the supplier's contact information with his offering or inventory listing so the buyer can contact the supplier directly. A buyer's contact information is displayed with his Inquiry so the supplier can contact the buyer directly. Buyers and suppliers each determine whether and on what terms they should deal with each other. All negotiations and transactions are between the buyer and the supplier and occur off-site and without Lumber Stocklists' participation.


Buyers use the site for free. At this time there is no charge to lumber suppliers use the site at least through 2019. We will generate revenue from suppliers through listing fees, lead referral fees and advertising fees. We do not charge any commissions. We do not own, buy, sell, trade, auction or broker lumber or other wood products. We intend to charge suppliers a fixed monthly or quarterly Membership fee to advertise their available lumber, Receive Inquiries and display their logo in a Border Ad. There is no initial set-up fee.

Alpha Stage Site Development

Lumber Stocklists is under development - Alpha Stage. We will be testing our ability to process supplier stocklists and add the descriptions of the lumber into the searchable inventory. During this development state we may not display the full contact information of the supplier, we will provide a link, where possible, to the website where the supplier's stocklist is located.

During this Alpha development you can view the various features that are planned but we will not be actually sending emails for Offerings and Inquiries at this time. Send an Inquiry for Lumber has been disabled. If you register you can Sign Up to Receive Inquiries for Lumber and Sign Up to Receive Offerings for Lumber. You will start receiving these when they are activated.

The Lumber Stocklists website ( http://www.lumberstocklists.com/) is owned and operated by Mountain Hawk Corporation. Mountain Hawk Corp. makes no warranties as to the reliability of any users contacted through this website. Users of this website are solely responsible for determining the fitness of each user they contact. Mountain Hawk Corp. and lumberstocklists.com cannot be held liable for any damages, claims, losses, and/or expenses whatsoever resulting from the use of this website. Lumber Stocklists does not verify that the information provided about any company is accurate or correct and does not endorse any companies.

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