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Lumber Stocklists

Lumber Stocklists Pricing Policy and Payment

Registration is free. Registration allows you to use certain features of this site where your contact information is needed. There is no charge for buyers to use Lumber Stocklists.

Free Services

There is no charge to use the following services:
  • Search the Multi-Supplier Stocklist for Lumber
    The supplier's contact information including name, company, phone and email address, is displayed so a buyer can contact the supplier directly. You do not need to be Registered or logged-in to see the supplier's contact information.
  • Search Company Directory
    You can search for companies by for Companies by Company Name or by Species Handled. Contact information is displayed and you do not need to be Registered to Logged In to see the supplier's contact information.
  • Add Company to Company Directory
    You can provide a brief summary of your company, the species of wood handles, the type of products sold, services available, pictures of your facilities and any additional information that may be useful to users of this website. Registration is required.
  • Receive Offerings for Lumber
    For any of the above types of wood, select the species of wood you are interested in seeing Offerings for. Each hour we compare what you are looking for and what has been added to the Multi-Supplier Stocklist or Inventories. If there are any new items that match your interests we send you an email describing the new items and include the supplier's contact information. Registration is required.
  • Send an Inquiry for Lumber
    Describe your Inquiry and we will create and send an email to each of the suppliers who are interested in seeing Inquiries for the type of wood and species indicated in your Inquiry. Your contact information is included in the Inquiry email so the supplier can contact you directly with his response. Registration is required.

Paid Services

We charge a fixed monthly or quarterly amount to use any of the following services.
  • Add Lumber Offerings
    Describe your Offering and it will immediately be added to the Multi-Supplier Stocklist or Inventories. Each hour we send Offerings emails to buyers interested in seeing new offerings. Registration is required.
  • Receive Inquiries for Lumber
    For any of the above types of lumber, select the species of wood you are interested in seeing Inquiries for. Inquiries are emailed to you if they match your interests. The buyer's contact information is included so you can contact them directly. Inquiries are not displayed on the site. To see them, you need to sign up. Registration is required.
  • Display your Company logo randomly on the border of each page. Your company logo links to the your Company in the Company Directory. Border ads are 170px wide by 135px tall jpg or gif images. The logo is usually taken form your company website or provided by you by attaching it to an email to John@lumberstocklists.com.
We invoice monthly at the beginning of the month and payment is due at the end of the month. Payment can be by check or by credit card below. Payment is made in US dollars to Mountain Hawk Corporation that owns and operates the Lumber Stocklists Website.
Mountain Hawk Corporation
106 Berwick Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Trial Period

Payment by Credit Card

Coming later.

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